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The Edwardian Summers of Judith Salkeld Robinson

by Jennifer L. Bunting

Judith Robinson was born in 1886 into a comfortable manufacturing family. The Robinsons and their enterprises were associated with Rochdale, Lancashire but Judith and her sisters grew up in Chester. The Edwardian Summers of Judith Salkeld Robinson is based on the scrapbook which she kept from about 1905 until her marriage to Lieutenant Key Matterson of the Cheshire Regiment. After her marriage she moved to Langford, Somersetshire and later to Fivehead. Key Matterson was a keen foxhunter and Secretary of the Taunton Vale Hunt. The album is a record of the happy summer days of a young woman of means during the Edwardian era. Her extended family included authors Mary Salkeld Jayne and Winifred Comber. Judith was also related by marriage to Sir John Meadows Frost, Mayor of Chester. Judith's photographs are enhanced by historical research and by additional pictures from the period. The book also includes a genealogical summary of the Robinson family and their connections, the Kelsalls, as well as information about Judith's in-laws, the Mattersons. Judith Robinson was not a professional photographer. Time and acidic paper have also been unkind to the prints. Nevertheless, the album gives the reader intimate access to a vanished time.

Softcover; 7 1/2" x 9 1/2"; 68 pages. Over 100 illustrations. First edition, 2013.

ISBN 978-0-9877833-2-5

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Sample Topics Touched on in the Book:Rochdale, Deeplish Hall, Mount Falinge, Thomas Bayley Potter, Holiday in CumberlandChester, Abbot's Court, River Dee, Eccleston FerryHawarden Castle, H.M.S. AnselmHoliday in Wales, Holiday in Norfolk, 1907Thomas Nield Robinson, Mediterranean Cruise 1908, Steam Yacht Vectis, Pompeii, Pula, VeniceFrancis Jayne, Comber twins, Robinsons of Heywood, Clare Lodge, weddingSir John Meadows Frost, Upton Lawn, CheshireJessie de Mowbray Matterson, Langford, SomersetC.A.K. Matterson, Cheshire Regiment, First Battle of Mons, Prisoners of War Aid AssociationFivehead, Somerset levels, fox hunting


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