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Heritage Structure Reports and Evidence for Heritage Preservation:
A Handbook for Committees, Researchers, Legislators and the Public.

by Jennifer L. Bunting

Most heritage committees create files about the history of buildings, districts or other elements in the community. All too often, however, the contents of the files are haphazard and lack authority. The information is not organized, nor set down in a way which will be useful for the study, comparison, adjudication and defence of built heritage. Members of heritage advisory committees are usually volunteers with a passion for the past. Unless they are already involved in an allied profession, it should not be necessary for committee members to become experts about architectural history. They should be able to leave distinguishing the orders of Greek columns and slipsills from lugsills to their employees and contractors. Members of heritage committees must, however, be diligent about the research conducted on their behalf. Information should be authoritative and recorded in a way which will be thoroughly useful to the current committee, future committees and to the community. Heritage advisory committees should be concerned that reports will justify committee decisions and provide stout defense for the protection of built heritage, should that be the path chosen.

Softcover; 6" x 9"; 100 pages. First edition, 2012.

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ISBN 978-0-9877833-0-1

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